Anxiety Refs #2

Here’s another Anxiety Ref Masterpost! (These are also nice for when you’re bored, and also sad/upset/generally less than 100%)

-Super Ellipse

-Synth Sample

-Audio Processor

-Wavepole Synthesizer

-Playing with Pulse Harmonics

-Sound Spectrum

These thingies either have quick animations, stressful audio tracks, bad visualisations, or other things that may worsen your anxiety! I didn’t browse through anything past the stress relieving explosion simulator below, so please please PLEASE be careful when browsing!!!

There’ll be more masterposts to come! I hope you find this list to be useful!

xx Cat

Anxiety Refs

Hey guys!

I’m still not exactly sure how to navigate this site yet.. then again, it did take me approximately two years how to figure out Tumblr HTMLs. I did ultimately figure it out!


I figured I’d kick off my first official blog post as a reference sheet for those who are suffering from anxiety as far as different mindfulness exercises and general coping mechanisms that have been Officially Cat Approved. Below is a nice little list of sites and things to help relieve you of your anxiety.

(I’m getting sort of tired of posting all of these links, so I will add some more lists later!)

xx Cat