About The Cat and Plant

Hey there!

My name’s Cat, and I’m this blog’s admin. As this is the intended About Me page, I suppose I’ll tell you a bit about myself.

NAME: Well, Cat isn’t the name on my birth certificate, but it’s my favourite nickname!

BIRTHDAY: December 21st (I’m a Sagittarius, in case you were wondering.)

SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Demi/Grey Asexual! I fluctuate between demi and straight up ace frequently, which honestly just depends on whether I am attracted to anyone at that moment. Yeah.


GENDER: Agender/Female. I tend to fluctuate in that respect as well.

PRONOUNS: she/her


LANGUAGES: I speak English, if you haven’t already noticed. I’m not as fluent in Spanish (though I certainly wish I was) and am currently learning ASL! I’m pretty good at Fingerspell.. ehgrrhgeghehfguyjflfrbwjkfljerwj

RELIGION: I don’t have a religion, per se. I sort of just believe in whatever I believe in, as far as moral codes and deities go. I believe in God and Jesus, but I also follow the teachings of Buddha and am performing witchcraft, though that could be considered a secular practice. Things get wacky sometimes. I just sort of go with it. I’ll probably be posting the occasional religion thing. (Perhaps a more appropriate word would be “Spirituality”..)

TALENTS: I don’t necessarily have any talents, but I do sing and play violin! I enjoy writing when I have spare time (I mean, A LOT of spare time, that’s not exactly the first thing I want to do when I have an open window in my schedule) and am sort of trying to learn different instruments such as guitar and ukulele. I also enjoy acting and doing musical theatre (though, I must say I’m not much of a dancer!)

SRSA (Stances Regarding Social Affairs): Yeahh.. I couldn’t think of a better phrase to insert than that. But hey —

  • I am a feminist duh
  • Obviously I’m concerned with the blatant institutionalised racism that is occurring across the nation right now, and I am really hoping that the protestors and human rights activists are doing okay
  • I will at any given opportunity advocate for the rights of LGBTQA+ duh
  • I will also advocate for the mentally ill bc that freaking sucks I know
  • Honestly my motto is just slay your own way as long as you aren’t fricking with somebody else like honestly it isn’t that hard
  • If you want to know anything else regarding this please feel free to contact me ye

OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA: Tumblr, Witchcraft Tumblr, Pinterest, Spotify (sort of?)


  • gore
  • body horror
  • restriction of breath/limited respiration (ie somebody holding their breath underwater)
  • any nsfw please i’m not particularly fond of that at all
  • screamers. if you don’t tag a screamer i will unfollow you so ;A;
  • depersonalisation (ie that blackhat movie)
  • flashing pictures/gifs

Soo.. Cat. What’s up with the blog title?

– Well, I mean you sort of already know the first part. I dunno, I was daydreaming at some point and I was thinking of how sometimes cats like to paw at plants?? That’s something they do, I think. Anyways, I started to think of the plant as someone’s mind and the cat as a person analyzing their thoughts and exploring everything they’ve seen and learned, as well as acknowledging their interests and indentity. It got way too deep for just a cat and a plant. Mix that with a rainy day and a cozy lil’ house and BAM, you’ve got The Cat and Plant.

Yeah, whatever you say. Why’d you make it?

Not only would it be a great coping mechanism/strategy for myself when I need to get my thoughts down, but I really want to be able to help out those who suffer from the same ordeals I go through on a daily basis – whether it be a hectic schedule, being mentally ill among a neurotypical family/friends, stubborn supervisors, romance issues, general distasteful shenanigans — it’s life, and sometimes we all need to sit down and talk about it, whether we care to acknowledge it or not. My hope is that you find a safe space in this little blog of mine, and you feel comfortable enough to let it all out if you ever need to and ask me for some advice if you ever need some! Or, if you just need someone to listen, I can do that too. The point is, I sort of just want everyone to feel safe and loved here, because life is tough – but it’s probably sweet on the inside!

Who are you? What even is this?


My name is Cat.

And this is my blog.

xx Cat


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